CalPac's online counselors seek to empower all students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop to their fullest potential. Calpac’s goal is to prepare students for pursuing their post high school goals and to graduate students with as many college and career options as possible. Counselors collaborate with parents and/or guardians, other educators, and the community as professional advocates for their students. CalPac Guidance Counselors are credentialed in California, are members of nationally recognized School Counseling associations, and attend conferences to receive updates on changes to college, career, and social/emotional issues.

Graduation Requirements  

Subject Required Credits

  • English 40
  • Mathematics 20
  • Life Science 10
  • Physical Science 10
  • Visual/Performing Arts 10
  • OR Foreign Language
  • World History 10
  • American History 10
  • American Government 5
  • Economics 5
  • Physical Education 20
  • Electives 80
  • TOTAL 220

Early Graduation 

Interested in graduating in less than 4 years? CalPac Guidance Counselors can help you reach your goals. Make an appointment with your counselors today to create a plan and enroll in CalPac’s credit recovery program.

Mental Health

1-800-273-8522 - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Text HOME to 741741 – free, 24/7 crisis support in the US

For General Support and Non-Emergencies: 

Text TEEN to 839863 or Call 310-855-4673 – Confidential Teen Line for teen-to-teen support every evening from 6:00PM to 10:00PM PST.

Career Links

  • California CareerZone is a career exploration and planning system designed especially for students:
  • Road Trip Nation is a career exploration website with tons of resources including personalized online tools, video content, bestselling books, and live events:
  • Interested in researching what the current highest paying jobs are? Or what industry has the fastest growing occupation opportunities? We encourage you to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics which has some great tools to research information on careers: 
  • Your Free Career test provides a short quiz (about 50 questions) and gives you a possible career based on your answers with links to research more about the career and colleges: 

Work Permits

Students under 18 years of age who are seeking a job must first obtain a work permit. Federal and State laws govern the number of hours a minor may work when school is in session. 

Requesting a Work Permit

Students seeking a work permit may download and submit the Work Permit Application (CDE Form B1.1) from the CalPac website. Students are required to meet the school's minimum requirements to be considered for a Work Permit (see Work Permit Requirements and Limitations below). 

Students must submit a completed Work Permit Application to the guidance department to obtain a work permit (all sections including the student, parent and employer portions of the application must be completed before an application can be processed). Once the completed Work Permit Application has been received, please allow up to 5 working days to process your actual Work Permit (CDE Form B1.4)

Work permit applications can be submitted in person or by mail to – 

California Pacific Charter School 

Attn: Work Permit Coordinator

4101 Birch Street, Suite 150

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Work Permit Requirements and Limitations

It is solely within the discretion of the school issuing the work permit to determine whether a minor may obtain a work permit and therefore be employed. The local school district has the option to impose additional requirements for the issuance of a work permit. CalPac students may request and maintain a work permit if the student is in good standing under the following conditions:

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA as determined by the prior semester grades and currently passing all courses in progress
  • No excessive absences (absences include any day when a student does not log in and complete work)
  • Making adequate progress toward graduation

Students must re-apply for a new work permit annually and when changing employers.

In the event a student falls below the minimum requirements after a work permit has been issued, the counselor or Director may place a student on a probation warning. The Program Director may revoke a student's Work Permit should the student not make progress following a probationary warning. The law requires that students are given a warning period and adequate time to remediate the policy violations established by the school. In addition, there must be a provision in the revocation process for the student to appeal the decision of the Director.

Hours of Work

CalPac students are expected to comply with the General Summary of Minors' Work Regulations found on page 2 of the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit. For purposes of clarification, all students at CalPac are considered "in session" Monday through Friday. CalPac students are limited to the maximum daily hours of work for their specific age group, as outlined by state labor laws. While it is at the discretion of the school to determine whether a minor may obtain a work permit to be employed, it is the parent who is responsible for setting appropriate boundaries for academic and work activities. While CalPac supports a student's desire to work, academic success is the primary goal for all students. It is recommended that students work no more 24 hours per week to allow for an adequate focus on academic performance.


Work Permit Application (CDE Form B1.1)

For Entertainment Permit Applications, please contact the Administrative Office at (855) 225-7227

Additional Resources

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